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Home Alone
September 20, 2008, 10:49 pm
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Don’t you just love it, being (semi)home alone. I’m sort of Home Alone today. My little sister is upstairs playing around with her computer.

Why I like being home alone? well I can just drink the entire bottle of Orange Juice by myself. I can eat the entire bag of popcorn (or till I feel sick like now).

I can watch old crappy movies like I did just now (Steven Segal saves people from collapsed tunnel) and I could go trough all the channels in the commercialbreaks without my parents saying that I have to stop it or that I have to watch something educational. Well I did also watch the same movie (flatline) as I did with relegion. that made me think, what is time?

but anyway back to the topic. I can use the laptop and watch crappy movies about annoying asian kids (which are actually quit funny) and watch a documentary about the Italian mafia on National Geographic.

I can lay in front of the fire on a huge pillow with the dog next to you without my dad saying that it’s to hot or that my sisters take my place when I have to go to the toilet.

oh and something I also like to do when I’m home alone but what I didn’t do today is taking long long hot showers.

ah lovely night tonight, did you enjoy yours?


Top Gear

Although I’m a girl, I do love Car programs. Well actually I only like Top Gear. It’s the funniest thing I’ve seen in my life (now I lie but it sure is funny).

A few examples

*let granny do Donuts (the handbrake parking is brilliant too!)

*The Stig, there are various theories about who he/she/it is. But I still think it’s a women.

* Their car reviews, for the reason of being Dutch, the Spyker review.

* Their introduction page at the BBC website

* the celebrity laps in a reasonably priced car – Ross Kemp this time

But the best, Top Gear has some great Presentors. Who Says British aren’t funny?

Tell me, Do you like it or not?