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August 25, 2008, 1:29 pm
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Hooray, My very first post.

My very first thing I love, Music. It’s a part of my life that can’t be overlooked. I’ve been influenced by it for my entire life. With my memories there is always a song.

The band I’m introducing to you is a band that released there very first album (with the name Release) while I was in Mongolia, it’s about a month ago. I bought their album and I absolutely love it.

The name of this band is A-sound, they make very relaxing music (they say the gerne is soft rock but I don’t thinkg it is) I think you can compare it a bit to Keane only they sing in Mongolian.

this is their song Shall Demii

I wanted to post the song crying but they disabled Embedding. But go look for it yourself and tell me what you think of them!