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Design is mine is a wonderfull site just too look at!

they show wonderfull pieces, pictures from flickr, thoughts of the day, wonderfull adress books or cups and where to buy them. I’m better not going to talk to much since you need your time to look around!

enjoy ❤


September 5, 2008, 1:40 pm
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I do love that country a lot. But most of the readers here seems lot like A-sound a lot. I love there music too, but I love their country even more.

It’s so pretty, the people are so nice and I made great friends there. I can recommend everyone GO TO MONGOLIA NOW!!

Just look at it how pretty it is.

Pictures made by me

God I miss it so much. I can dream that I’m there while listening to Khuumii (throat singing).  I can watch the pictures and I can smell Mongolia as it’s just one step away from me, but unfortunate it isn’t.

I’m saving my money right now. I just want to go back, do you want to go there?

2008 Olimpics Opening Ceremony
August 31, 2008, 6:46 pm
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I didn’t watch the opening ceremony. Due to some very sad private stuff I wasn’t able to. But recently I found some pictures of the openings ceremony and they are so pretty!

it looks so damn lovely, I’m very sad I missed it. But I’m happy there are still pictures left, want to see more? Click Here