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I’m a big fan of photography, doing it and watching it. So everyone who loves it too. A few links with awesome photography.

iphonography by Greg Schmigel

A photoblog by Alan Taylor

Wallart from JR

That’s all for now, I’m still looking around for more wonderfull art (any kind) so if you know a good website, or are a great artist. Send me a link!


November 24, 2008, 2:12 pm
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And some wonderfull pictures, not made by me but made by a 4 year old girl named Adie. She makes pictures with her very own Polaroid land camera named Polly.

a few examples from

They are really nice, aren’t they? It’s like being in the head of a little girl. it’s totally awesome!

Okay now the Rijksmuseum, I went to the for the love of god exposition from Damian Hirst with a few friends. I’ve to say I didn’t like it at all. There is nothing nice about a skull with diamonds, it’s a skull with diamonds that it really. I’ve to say I like the standard exposition much more. I especially like Vermeers paintings. He is one of my most favourite painters.

that’s all.

Dennis Darzacq
November 9, 2008, 9:18 pm
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I don’t you if you know him, but I came across his portfolio today. He graduated in 1985 from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs and since then he makes great pictures. (his website)

From Hyper 2007

Casques 2007

Fakestars 2001-2003

Nu 2003

so enjoy looking at these and his portfolio on his website.

p.s. all my love goes to the family and friends of the people who died in the Crystal Night in 1938 it’s now 80 years ago. But let’s also think about all peoples in difficult situations (wars etc.) let there be peace (if it just was so easy..).

Features of Deviant Art

So I gave people the change to get a feature here at BitsAndBobbets. So here you go, the most wonderfull unique art of people that aren’t discoverd yet.

Both From BumbleBeesh

by Qsec

by Emma510

by ThreeEyesWorm

by Yeji522

both by iKyr

by Toxictwo

by Yrrfur

by rainyXskyz

and last but not least

by Timmato

So here you go, I hope you like it. If you are on dA and you think I forgot you, send me a message or a comment with your gallery link. Or if you know someone with a great gallery, sent it to me!!