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Princes Aurora
November 7, 2008, 10:04 am
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You may know the Disney version. But do you know the Korean version too? the scary one? I have to say I absolutely love it. It makes you think. And I like movies I don’t understand in the first second but that I get to understand somewhere near the end. And what I like too, it doesn’t have a happy ending, sometimes happy endings scare me. It’s so unnatural. In real life there aren’t much happy endings, everybody is going to die in the end.  And unhappy endings  arn’t necessarily  bad endings.

Well just try to see it, I’ll show you the Trailer (in Korean, but I guess if you think and if you can think you will understand it)

and the MV the song is so nice, it’s like the movie ..


Elvin Post

Elvin post is a Dutch writer, and a good one. I did read 2 of his 4 books already.

His books are really different then most books from Dutch writers. The books are orientated on America I think. Groene Vrijdag en Geboren verliezers both play in New York. Groene Vrijdag is about a man who wants to make his wife happy. he borrows some money for a new couch. He can’t pay it back and in order to get the money he robs a bank.

Geboren Verliezers is about Romeo he sells books at Amsterdam Avenue. His brother sells drugs for Sean. Romeo is afraid his brother is going to die. Just like the others that were killed by Sean or another big guy in the Drug scene, Max.

Books from other Dutch writer like Jan Wolkers are all about Sex and Drugs. One of his books Turksfruit was made into a movie.

I guess you know Paul Verhoeven, he is a great director if you know Basic Instinct you know what I”m talking about. Well one of his very first movies was Turksfruit (Turkish Delight) it’s like a porn movie with a story around it and a sad ending (the girl dies of cancer). How I know? I’ve seen it when I was younger. People seem to think that you just must watch a movie when it’s concidered the best Dutch movie of the century. But there is something as a age limit.

If you are above 18 you can see what I mean.

Well I back to Elvin Post. I think it’s the best Dutch writer of th century. He sold the rights of his book so some directors.  And 2 of his books are translated.

2004 – Groene vrijdag

  • 2007 – Jour de paie (Franse vertaling)
  • 2007 – Día de paga (Spaanse vertaling)

2006 – Vals beeld 2007 – Die Meisterdiebe

If you are lucky and you speak Dutch, Deutsch, French or Spanish, go read those books! If you don’t speak any of those language. I’m sorry.

aslo I’m sorry about my rand about Turks Fruit I just had too.

Help Africa!
September 22, 2008, 6:19 am
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Yes, yes, my dream. well actually to save the world. But I guess it’s easier to help africa. And now I found a way. There is this Dutch competition (yes I’m Dutch) where you can win 10.000 Euro and give it to a project of Amref Flying Docters and then you can go visit it yourself. That would Be awesome.

Well the rules, make a movie between 30 and 60 seconds that shows the strenght of Africa in someway get as many votes as possible and then from the best 5 the jugeds take one and that is the winner.

so this is my entry, enjoy and tell me if I need to change something.

(music concerto nr2 by Vivaldi)

Dutch text, sorry forgot about that I’ll translate it for you:

Wat als ze hun moeder verliezen? – What if they loose their mother?

Wat als hun vader er niet meer is? – What if there father isn’t there anymore?

Aids eist zijn tol – Aids takes lifes

Laat het niet gebeuren – Don’t let it happen

Geef Afrika haar kracht terug – Give Africa her strenght back

Geef voorlichting – Give information

Home Alone
September 20, 2008, 10:49 pm
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Don’t you just love it, being (semi)home alone. I’m sort of Home Alone today. My little sister is upstairs playing around with her computer.

Why I like being home alone? well I can just drink the entire bottle of Orange Juice by myself. I can eat the entire bag of popcorn (or till I feel sick like now).

I can watch old crappy movies like I did just now (Steven Segal saves people from collapsed tunnel) and I could go trough all the channels in the commercialbreaks without my parents saying that I have to stop it or that I have to watch something educational. Well I did also watch the same movie (flatline) as I did with relegion. that made me think, what is time?

but anyway back to the topic. I can use the laptop and watch crappy movies about annoying asian kids (which are actually quit funny) and watch a documentary about the Italian mafia on National Geographic.

I can lay in front of the fire on a huge pillow with the dog next to you without my dad saying that it’s to hot or that my sisters take my place when I have to go to the toilet.

oh and something I also like to do when I’m home alone but what I didn’t do today is taking long long hot showers.

ah lovely night tonight, did you enjoy yours?

The Kite Runner
September 15, 2008, 2:41 pm
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I’m currently reading the book, in Dutch unfortunately, I always think you should read a book in it’s original language but I still read most books in Dutch.

Anyway, I think it’s a great book and that you all should read it (if you already didn’t read the book). The way the the writer puts things on the page makes me feel like I am Amir Jaan, I can feel the sadness when his Baba dies, the happines when he marries. The way he feels when he is trying to save Hassan’s son. I’m not at the end yet, but I thought that I just had to tell you all how great it is.

If you are not really into books, watch the movie. I think it’s great too, I’ve seen it twice now! The way things are shown like well the ‘thing’ (I’m not going to reveal to much) that happens between Hassan and Assef. They don’t show it, but you know what happens. And it’s horrible!! I felt so sad watching the movie, but it ends kind of happy.

The Trailer doesn’t show how good the movie actually it but anyway watch it if you want to!

Now I better stop talking, I’m going to reveal to much! and you better hurry to the Library!!