Bits and bobbets

November 13, 2008, 7:05 pm
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Not much going on lately, so here is just a random post about nothing, so just skip it!

I’m reading a really good book about how to know what people mean but what they aren’t saying, bodylanguage is the key.

I made some new pictures, which turend out to be pretty good

If you have a dA and you want to be featured up here please post any thumbs up here

Bits and bobbets exist almost 4 months now!! the 15th is a party with the features of the dA


Deviant Art

If you don’t know it, check it out right now!

This website gives (upcomming) artists the change the show of their work and sell prints. I have an acount myself but I’m not really good yet, but for me it’s a great oportunity to get advices at how to get better.

I’ll show you some artists work so that you can see what is going on there.

Johnny Depp – Secret Window by draco malfoy lover

Loneliness by c-quark

bee happy by Strigoi-mort

Sneak Peak by Sairyhairy

If you like it, visit the website or gife these people a watch, I bet they will like it. Are you into art, make an acount it’s absolutly worth it! Or if you have an acount already post the link then I’ll visit yours!