Bits and bobbets

4 month aniversary

Who thought I ever kept up this blog for so long already, well here are the DeviantArt Features.

Okay I’ll just have to say, the top ones aren’t the best, All of the stuff I’m going to post is all really good.

Boogie Color Animals


both by LubLub

Days Gone By


What Dreams May Come

all by CSnyder

Strawberries Chocolate Cake

Water Ripple

Both By 11-73-3-33

Last one

olympic Panda

Both by Kiki1983


By Ardisrawr

The Blind Bird Road

by MyNameIsSwan

Moulin Rouge

by Etutton

Okay that’s it!! Tell me if you like it or not! And if you have a dA give me your link I like looking at other peoples stuff.


November 13, 2008, 7:05 pm
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Not much going on lately, so here is just a random post about nothing, so just skip it!

I’m reading a really good book about how to know what people mean but what they aren’t saying, bodylanguage is the key.

I made some new pictures, which turend out to be pretty good

If you have a dA and you want to be featured up here please post any thumbs up here

Bits and bobbets exist almost 4 months now!! the 15th is a party with the features of the dA

Features of Deviant Art

So I gave people the change to get a feature here at BitsAndBobbets. So here you go, the most wonderfull unique art of people that aren’t discoverd yet.

Both From BumbleBeesh

by Qsec

by Emma510

by ThreeEyesWorm

by Yeji522

both by iKyr

by Toxictwo

by Yrrfur

by rainyXskyz

and last but not least

by Timmato

So here you go, I hope you like it. If you are on dA and you think I forgot you, send me a message or a comment with your gallery link. Or if you know someone with a great gallery, sent it to me!!