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Learn a Language
September 27, 2009, 10:32 pm
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it’s fun, And I found a great way of doing so.. *well, yet to try but love the idea*

this is the language I’m going to learn:

it’s something about friends,  as far as I know my korean is not really good.. (if you know korean and able to translate please let me know what it says).


September 19, 2009, 10:32 pm
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you might think, “oke, she’s back, but why isn’t she uploading”.

well I’m kind of busy. Busy with work, school, everything else.. but also with revising my top 10 of modern art.

I concluded that I knew nothing about art when I made it. Also most of the paintings In my old top 10, well actually all of them. I haven’t seen any of them in real life. Most of the paintings in my new, revised version I’ve seen.

But I only have 7 paintings yet. Any ideas of more, I’ve some but more ideas would be great! so please send in you favourite pieces of modern art!!

It’s not funny, it’s art!
December 5, 2008, 4:13 pm
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This is actaully quite old already, but I love it, it’s so funny and I totally understand Blanca.

But luckyly nowadays I do understand art, Do you understand art? or don’t you? and what kind of art do you now understand?

as for me I don’t understand art without a meaning, the whole thing about art is that it expresses a meaning without using words. at least that’s my opinion, what do you think about it?


I’m a big fan of photography, doing it and watching it. So everyone who loves it too. A few links with awesome photography.

iphonography by Greg Schmigel

A photoblog by Alan Taylor

Wallart from JR

That’s all for now, I’m still looking around for more wonderfull art (any kind) so if you know a good website, or are a great artist. Send me a link!

November 24, 2008, 2:12 pm
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And some wonderfull pictures, not made by me but made by a 4 year old girl named Adie. She makes pictures with her very own Polaroid land camera named Polly.

a few examples from

They are really nice, aren’t they? It’s like being in the head of a little girl. it’s totally awesome!

Okay now the Rijksmuseum, I went to the for the love of god exposition from Damian Hirst with a few friends. I’ve to say I didn’t like it at all. There is nothing nice about a skull with diamonds, it’s a skull with diamonds that it really. I’ve to say I like the standard exposition much more. I especially like Vermeers paintings. He is one of my most favourite painters.

that’s all.

4 month aniversary

Who thought I ever kept up this blog for so long already, well here are the DeviantArt Features.

Okay I’ll just have to say, the top ones aren’t the best, All of the stuff I’m going to post is all really good.

Boogie Color Animals


both by LubLub

Days Gone By


What Dreams May Come

all by CSnyder

Strawberries Chocolate Cake

Water Ripple

Both By 11-73-3-33

Last one

olympic Panda

Both by Kiki1983


By Ardisrawr

The Blind Bird Road

by MyNameIsSwan

Moulin Rouge

by Etutton

Okay that’s it!! Tell me if you like it or not! And if you have a dA give me your link I like looking at other peoples stuff.

Go China!

I know, it’s a long time ago since I wrote something here, but there wasn’t much inspiring stuff around me. Just books, I’ve been busy studying.. I know school, and books, and studying, even studying can be inspiring. But not now..

Well but what was inspiring was Go China! in the Groninger museum, in Groningen, The Netherlands (where else).

In summer I went to Assen already, there was also a part of Go China! but it was the old stuff, including some pieces of the Xi’an Army which were absolutely amazing!!

but well in Groningen it was just modern art, and I loved it even more then the Xi’an stuff!!

a few examples:

Liu Jianhua
Yiwu Survey, 2006-2007

Leung Mee Ping

Miao Xiaochun a lovely piece but I forgot the name, I’m sorry that I don’t post a bigger pictures, I stand watching this piece for like 10, 15 minutes, maybe even longer, everytime you see something new!!

Shi Guorui, picture of the birds nest. It’s awesome!! He/She has more pictures like this hanging there and I love them so much! Why? just the colors, or better lack of colors.

and then my absolutely favourite, the pictures of Xing Danwen!!

and again I don’t know the name, but just look at it!! first thing you see it just a model of an appartment. and then you see the the dead person!! Or people making out, fighting, or having a car crash.

close up off the picture above!

So do you like modern Chinese art or not? I have to say, I fell in love with it, I really want to see more! So I guess if I ever go to China (and I will go there) I have to visit some museums with modern art.

If you want to see this with your very own eyes and if you are in the Netherlands, go to the Groninger Museum you can see this till 23th of November.

p.s. I’m probably going to see the diamond skull of Damian Hirst since it’s in het Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. I’m so exited!!