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October 8, 2008, 7:57 pm
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Oke I’m probably late (as usual) but I just discovered a blog of singaporian girl and I’m amazed . She has one of the most/the most popular blog in Singapore/Asia (sorry I’m not totally sure) with about 10.000 unique visitors a day.

Altough she may act like a superstar she actually is pretty down to earth. I just discovered her today and I’m already in love with her, I think I”m going to be lesbian from now on (KIDDING!!).

Well something she says:

When I was younger, someone posted this question to me.

She asked, “Wendy, what do you think is the most beautiful thing on Earth?”

At that point of time, I realised that I cannot give her my answer because there are so many different beautiful things, such as the sea, such as the rainbow, etc. I can’t make up my mind.

I asked many people this question, and the most common answers are invariably the sea and the sky.

WHY! Blue stuff are ugly. I hate blue.

I asked my mum and she said its diamonds.

One guy gave me a sweet answer: “Women.”

June said its herself.

I’m kidding.

But anyway, as I get older, I realised what my answer would be.

It is an orgasm.

And now, hurry hurry hurry, go check her out now!!


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