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Elvin Post

Elvin post is a Dutch writer, and a good one. I did read 2 of his 4 books already.

His books are really different then most books from Dutch writers. The books are orientated on America I think. Groene Vrijdag en Geboren verliezers both play in New York. Groene Vrijdag is about a man who wants to make his wife happy. he borrows some money for a new couch. He can’t pay it back and in order to get the money he robs a bank.

Geboren Verliezers is about Romeo he sells books at Amsterdam Avenue. His brother sells drugs for Sean. Romeo is afraid his brother is going to die. Just like the others that were killed by Sean or another big guy in the Drug scene, Max.

Books from other Dutch writer like Jan Wolkers are all about Sex and Drugs. One of his books Turksfruit was made into a movie.

I guess you know Paul Verhoeven, he is a great director if you know Basic Instinct you know what I”m talking about. Well one of his very first movies was Turksfruit (Turkish Delight) it’s like a porn movie with a story around it and a sad ending (the girl dies of cancer). How I know? I’ve seen it when I was younger. People seem to think that you just must watch a movie when it’s concidered the best Dutch movie of the century. But there is something as a age limit.

If you are above 18 you can see what I mean.

Well I back to Elvin Post. I think it’s the best Dutch writer of th century. He sold the rights of his book so some directors.  And 2 of his books are translated.

2004 – Groene vrijdag

  • 2007 – Jour de paie (Franse vertaling)
  • 2007 – Día de paga (Spaanse vertaling)

2006 – Vals beeld 2007 – Die Meisterdiebe

If you are lucky and you speak Dutch, Deutsch, French or Spanish, go read those books! If you don’t speak any of those language. I’m sorry.

aslo I’m sorry about my rand about Turks Fruit I just had too.


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