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2008 Olimpics Opening Ceremony
August 31, 2008, 6:46 pm
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I didn’t watch the opening ceremony. Due to some very sad private stuff I wasn’t able to. But recently I found some pictures of the openings ceremony and they are so pretty!

it looks so damn lovely, I’m very sad I missed it. But I’m happy there are still pictures left, want to see more? Click Here


Top Gear

Although I’m a girl, I do love Car programs. Well actually I only like Top Gear. It’s the funniest thing I’ve seen in my life (now I lie but it sure is funny).

A few examples

*let granny do Donuts (the handbrake parking is brilliant too!)

*The Stig, there are various theories about who he/she/it is. But I still think it’s a women.

* Their car reviews, for the reason of being Dutch, the Spyker review.

* Their introduction page at the BBC website

* the celebrity laps in a reasonably priced car – Ross Kemp this time

But the best, Top Gear has some great Presentors. Who Says British aren’t funny?

Tell me, Do you like it or not?

Deviant Art

If you don’t know it, check it out right now!

This website gives (upcomming) artists the change the show of their work and sell prints. I have an acount myself but I’m not really good yet, but for me it’s a great oportunity to get advices at how to get better.

I’ll show you some artists work so that you can see what is going on there.

Johnny Depp – Secret Window by draco malfoy lover

Loneliness by c-quark

bee happy by Strigoi-mort

Sneak Peak by Sairyhairy

If you like it, visit the website or gife these people a watch, I bet they will like it. Are you into art, make an acount it’s absolutly worth it! Or if you have an acount already post the link then I’ll visit yours!

Gala Darling is a Writer a Virgo & an enthusiast of all kinds of things!

That is what she says about herself and I think that is a good way to describe her. Her website is great. In Things I love Thursday she tells about all the things she loves in a great way.

In the Caroussel she tells us about great new findings on the web. There are some really helpfull and great websites she shows us.

the other days she gives advice to people tells us about her wishlist and more. Just take a look at her website and I’m sure you will become as addicted as I am now XD

Top 10 Modern Paintings

Today at school we had to go trough a bunch of pictures of modern paintings. I really like it, so here is my random top 10 of Modern Painings I love.

Karel Appel – Close Togheter

Keith Harring – Radiant Baby

Andy Warholl – Campbell’s Soup

Clyfford Still – 1957-D No. 1

Paul Salvator Goldengreen – Archaic Deity

Roy Lichtenstein – Whaam!

Richard Hammilton – Just what is it that makes today’s homes so different, so appealing?

Frank Stella – Harran II

Lee Krasner – Cool White

Hans Hofmann – The Gate

Here you go, 10 amazing pieces of art that are worth looking at, from 10 amazing artist. So enjoy the view and tell me what you think about it!

August 26, 2008, 1:07 pm
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Miyavi, the name of a Japanese singer. He has a great voice and he rocks the guitar. Today there was an interview in the ANIWAY and it said that he was in The Netherlands in June. He apearantly gave a concert in P60 and I missed it! I just can’t believe it. He is one of my favourite Japanese singers and he looks so good.

I mean, just look at him, isn’t he super adorable. He may be in his late twenties, but he is HOT.

Well what you all have been waiting for. The song Jibun Kakumei, it’s kind of old but still Superb.

Don’t you just love him, I can’t do nothing more then just praise him. If you are more into English music

Here you can find Hit the L/Road Jack and Here his very awesome version of Blew from Nirvana

I hope you enjoy them

August 25, 2008, 1:29 pm
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Hooray, My very first post.

My very first thing I love, Music. It’s a part of my life that can’t be overlooked. I’ve been influenced by it for my entire life. With my memories there is always a song.

The band I’m introducing to you is a band that released there very first album (with the name Release) while I was in Mongolia, it’s about a month ago. I bought their album and I absolutely love it.

The name of this band is A-sound, they make very relaxing music (they say the gerne is soft rock but I don’t thinkg it is) I think you can compare it a bit to Keane only they sing in Mongolian.

this is their song Shall Demii

I wanted to post the song crying but they disabled Embedding. But go look for it yourself and tell me what you think of them!